Does it cost money to join?
        No, it’s free to join and participate

Can anyone join?
        If you are permanently living in Australia and over the age of 16yrs, you are eligible to join

How do I join?
        Click on “First time here? Register now”. You will be asked basic registration details, Name,
        Email address, date of birth,
        address and contact phone numbers.
        Choose the type of research you wish to participate in
        Read and agree to our ‘Terms & Conditions’ and Privacy Policy
        You will then be sent an activation email to confirm your email address and the link to your
        panel registration

How secure is the information I give you?
        Your information is completely confidential.
        Q&A Market Research are bound by the Privacy Act and as a member of AMSRS (Australian
        Market & Social Research Society) we are bound by the Code of Professional Behaviour,
        which covers both the ethical requirements and standard conditions of conducting market
        and social research

Can I unsubscribe at any time?
        Yes of course. There is a link on your homepage of the panel for you to unsubscribe at any

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